Åland Islands

Åland Islands - The 50 Best Harbours


Anders Hellberg, Kerstin Benckert, Gustaf Hannar

The English edition of our new harbour guide to the Åland Islands is published in June 2023.

It is our second guide in English, and currenty the only available complete harbour guide in English to the Åland Islands. To the Swedish edition.

Here yachtsmen can find a mixture of well-established guest harbours, beautiful natural harbours and small, little-known gems – all presented with aerial photos, charts, pictures, texts and advice on how and where to anchor.

It also includes special advice concerning the sailing waters of the Åland Islands, which differs from almost any other sailing water in the world.

And no one has to worry about the tide.

Also with special sections on the dramatic history of the Åland Islands, how to best cross the very busy commersial traffic lanes between Åland and the Swedish main land and how to avoid the intense ferry traffic in the archipelago.

Published in June 2023.

The new guide will be available at online book store Bokus - bokus.com - and Stockholm book store Kartbutiken - kartbutiken.se for delivery to most European countries.

In central Stockholm, this guide could be purchased at marine supplies shop Captains in Kommendörs-gatan and in Mariehamn, Åland Islands, at book store Mariehamns Bokhandel, Torggatan.
For further questions concerning purchase, please mail to: